LED Side Shooter Lights 45W / 2 Pcs

LED Side Shooter Lights
45W / 2 Pcs

No more blind corners! SHARK LED Side Shooter lights offer a strong forward / side lighting power to illuminate all peripheral areas. With more side light you better see all the animals and other hidden dangers at night. Suitable for ATVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, SUVs and all working equipment.

Product code: 810-9045-9


LED modules: 6 high-luminosity forward facing CREE LED modules + 3 high-luminosity side aiming CREE LED modules
Power: 45 W
Lumens: 2800 lm  (x2)
Colour temperature: 6000 K
Length x Depth x Height: 98 x 82 x 76 mm
Voltage: 9-32 V
Working temperature: -45 to +85 °C
Life Span: More than 50,000 operating hours
Construction: robust waterproof body resistant to vibrations
Colour: "Stealth" black design
Waterproof Grade: IP67 - (resists water and dust)
Certifications: Homologated for use on public roads, CE, RoHS



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