Shark Reamer Plugger T-handle

Reamer Plugger

High quality kit for easy repair of tire puncture for all tubeless tires. Kit includes comfort T-handle, 5 tire repair strings, spiral faced reamer, plug insertion tool and rubber cement.

Product code: 800-250-004

Easy use

Easy use

• Remove puncturing object.
• Insert rasp tool into hole and slide up and down to roughen and clean inside of hole.
• Remove repair string from protective backing, insert it into eye of needle, and coat it with rubber cement.
• Insert with plug centered in the eye of the needle into puncture until plug is pushed approximately 2/3 of the way in.
• Pull needle straight out with a rapid motion, do not twist needle while pulling out.
• Cut off excess plug material flush with the tire tread (cutter not included).
• Reinflate tire to recommended pressure and test for air leaks by applying a few drops of soapy water to plugged area, if bubbles appeal, repeat the process.

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