Universal snow plow SHARK

Get ready for winter! Durable and robust Shark plows made of frost-resistant polyethylene will help you quickly and easily remove snow from driveways, sidewalks or parking lots in front of a cottage or hotel. Thanks to the patented ribbed construction and highly durable material, Shark plows also enable other loose materials such as gravel, sand, coal, soil, etc. Innovative SHARK plows have better parameters and a longer service life than steel plows. At the same time, Shark plowshares are quieter and gentler on the plowed area, they do not rust and are also more considerate of ATVs / UTVs, they show flex even in severe frosts, dampen shocks and reduce the stress on the machine frame. Excellent value for money, Shark coulters can be fitted to most ATVs/UTVs with universal adapters.